German language tutoring

This program offers private tutoring to children and teenagers who have difficulties in learning German and who need targeted and effective support to succeed in school and get good grades.
Swiss curriculum
1-on-1 lessons based on the requirements of the Swiss Cantonal authorities.
Certified coaches
Top-rated native coaches from our team of language experts.
Best grades guaranteed
Helps students fill any knowledge gap and raise their grades.
Boosts confidence
Gives students the confidence they need to succeed.
Anywhere, anytime
Online lessons at the perfect time and location.
A young student in class during a German lesson
Schoolchildren practicing German while eating sandwiches at lunch break
A young student in class during a German lesson
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A sustainable progress
Our courses have been specially designed for children and teenagers and will allow them to quickly fill in their German gaps.
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Based on the “Plan d'Etude Romand” (PER)
Our tutoring courses follow the "Plan d'Etude Romand" as well as the curriculum defined by the various private schools in Geneva and the French-speaking part of Switzerland.
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A supportive environment
Our German coaches aim to create a non-stressful and supportive environment where students can develop their language skills to the fullest.
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Weekly tutoring
Take advantage of weekly tutoring to help your child keep up with the school program in an optimal way.

German tutoring to succeed in school and get good grades

Our fully customized tutoring covers the entire school curriculum from elementary to high school. These courses help students who have knowledge gaps, difficulties in following the school’s curriculum or simply need a refresher in a specific area such as reading, writing and listening.

Our native German-speaking teachers provide a caring and supportive environment in which students can achieve their full linguistic potential while having fun, allowing them to excel in German classes and earn good grades. As parents, you are involved in the learning process and are constantly informed of your child's progress.

Key benefits
Designed to bridge gaps and learning difficulties.
Developed to consolidate misunderstood notions in class.
Helps refresh classroom material and prepare for up-coming exams.
Based on the school’s specific teaching program and material.

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