Business German courses

This corporate German course for professionals focuses on developing a variety of skills needed to communicate effectively and fluently in German within your company.
The skills you need
1-on-1 lessons tailored to your goals, level and interests.
Certified coaches
Top-rated native coaches from our team of language experts.
Guaranteed results
Achieve your goals with your dedicated language coach.
Anywhere, anytime
Take online lessons at the perfect time and location.
300+ hours of online material
Get access to over 300 hours of online learning material.
Businesswoman sitting on her desk during a German private language course
Business colleagues chatting during coffee break after a German training class
Business colleagues chatting during coffee break after a German training class
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German for the workplace
From level A1 onwards, develop the business language skills specific to your professional context in order to be operational quickly.
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Real-life examples
Learn with concrete examples, taken directly from your daily professional context.
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Your specific vocabulary
The subjects studied are oriented towards the practical application and use of vocabulary relevant to your sector of activity.
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Learn from everywhere
Without leaving your desk, wherever you are, take your training online with your dedicated German language coach.

Learn German for work

This corporate German course is designed for professionals of all language levels to help them develop confidence, competence, and fluency in using German in business contexts, both in informal and formal situations. Participants can focus on a specific language need or work on improving their overall level of German.

Whether you want to boost your career or improve your social interactions, this business German course will help you master German so that you can interact confidently in the workplace and in your professional relationships. This course will also help you manage cross-cultural situations by giving you a better understanding of the Swiss German and German culture.

Learn German quickly and easily with your personalized portfolio!

We teach German in a unique way, which is reflected in our flagship product, the "Business German Portfolio". This product is based on a thorough examination of your industry, company, and specific German language requirements. It is personalized and completely unique. This one-of-a-kind and exclusive teaching tool includes videos, podcasts, and articles about your company, its products, and its environment. It includes:

  • A personalized lexicon
  • A press review
  • A collection of videos
The "Business German Portfolio" is directly related to your work and grounds your language training in the realities of your organization. It contextualizes and deepens your German learning, allowing you to learn German faster and with more pleasure.

Key benefits
Participate and interact actively in your business meetings in German.
Write your written communications in German with clarity and precision.
Master the German vocabulary specific to your professional activity.
Develop your confidence and express yourself with ease and fluidity.

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