German language discovery courses

German lessons based on a fun method designed specifically for young children. The lessons are action and game oriented, allowing them to discover and learn German while having fun!
Personalized to Your Child
Individualized lessons focusing on your child's needs.
Helps overcome learning obstacles
Specifically targets aspects your child is having troubles with.
Fun and stress-free
Encourages children to use their curiosity and enthusiasm.
Specialized coaches
Our coaches impart knowledge with joy and empathy.
Improves confidence
Constant encouragement helps increase your child’s confidence.
Young students learning German during a coding class after school
Children in kindergarten having fun while learning German
Young students learning German during a coding class after school
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A good start in life
Studies show that learning a foreign language at an early age prepares children for future academic success.
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Learning while having fun
Our interactive program allows children to have a very playful first contact with German, without pressure.
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A supportive environment
We encourage conversation, play and mutual interaction in a natural and enjoyable way, with a caring approach.
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Based on how children learn
Our program is built around the unique way children learn and is taught by experienced German teachers.

German for children

Encouraging children to love languages from an early age sets them up for future academic success. Bilingual children have better reading, writing and math skills, and they generally do better in school.

Our specially designed children's program is taught by German teachers who are passionate about the German language and expert in teaching children. The interactive lessons allow the youngest students to have a playful first contact with German, without pressure. We encourage conversation and play by placing the child at the center of the learning process.

Key benefits
Gives the opportunity for a very playful and interactive first contact with German, without pressure.
Encourages learning through an interactive, fun and caring approach.
Involves the senses and imagination by making the child a central part of the learning process.
Allows children to learn new and transferable skills for future success in school.

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