Learn German, differently

We believe learners thrive and benefit most from their training in personal settings where their training is built around their specific needs, interests, and learning style. Language coaches at Allemand-Genève specialize in the application of targeted training strategies in each learner's plan to help them achieve their highest level of sustained growth in German. Building unique relationships with each learner is therefore key to unlocking their learning potential and is at the core of each coach’s mission.

Easily learn German with Institut Allemand Genève!
The Reichstag building dome in Berlin during a language training course in Germany
Easily learn German with Institut Allemand Genève!
Easily learn German with Institut Allemand Genève!
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A proven success
Established since 2008 in the heart of Geneva, we have helped more than 500 local and international companies and more than 2,000 learners achieve their language goals.
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Language experts
A team of expert German language coaches dedicated to helping you reach your full linguistic potential in both written and spoken German.
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A wide selection of German language training programs tailored to your specific needs to help you achieve your language goals quickly and efficiently.
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A trusted partner
Allemand-Genève is the trusted partner of numerous private schools, local authorities, and institutions, which we assist in learning German successfully.

German language courses for professionals & businesses

Our German courses are tailored to your industry, job function, and language focus. All of our experts are language coaches who are familiar with your industry, ensuring that you receive high-quality training that is tailored to your specific business language needs. We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries. Notably, we have expertise in the following industries:

Banking and finance
Insurance and law
Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry
Office and human resources
Sales and marketing
Luxury and watchmaking
Engineering and production
Telecommunications and IT

German language courses for kids & teens

At Allemand-Genève, we take a different approach to enriching and advancing your child's growing academic spirit. We value a tailored coaching approach where each learner benefits from a learning program developed specifically around their needs. Our language coaches work to target specific areas of difficulty and strength for each learner. We cover all academic subjects, school entrance exams and language exams at all levels for primary, secondary, college and university students. Our language exerts come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and your child, whether after school or on the weekend.

Primary education
Secondary education
College, Baccalaureate and Swiss Maturité
University, HES, HEP and EPF