TELC German exams preparation courses

Our TELC German exam preparation courses are the most effective way to pass certification exams from level A1 to level C2.
Tailored training
1-on-1 lessons tailored to your goals, level and interests.
Certified coaches
Top-rated native coaches from our team of language experts.
Guaranteed results
Focus on the skills you need to succeed at your exam.
Anywhere, anytime
Take online lessons at the perfect time and location.
300+ hours of online material
Get access to over 300 hours of online learning material.
Easily learn German with Institut Allemand Genève!
Easily learn German with Institut Allemand Genève!
Easily learn German with Institut Allemand Genève!
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Focused preparation
During your training, you will study grammar, vocabulary, and content specific to your upcoming exam.
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Tailored to your needs
Preparation is focused on the sections of the exam that are most important to you, so you can make the most of your training time.
Rocket mod
Get the highest score possible
This program is designed to teach you the exam techniques you'll need to get the best possible score on your exam.
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Learn German from anywhere
Without leaving your desk, wherever you are, take your German language training online with your German language coach.

Pass your TELC exam

This targeted preparation program focuses on teaching the exam techniques, specific skills, and strategies needed to pass these internationally recognized language tests and achieve the highest possible score. Learners can focus on the parts of the exam that are most important to them in order to get the most out of the training.

We assess your current level to help you select the most appropriate TELC exam. Your coach will guide you through the structure of the test, giving you the skills and confidence, you need to successfully pass your exam.

  • TELC certificates are recognized throughout Europe (TELC issues over 100,000 certificates per year).
  • Language skills are tested in everyday situations in all areas of life, from daily life to work.
  • Suitable for all types of permit applications in Switzerland: short-term permit, settlement permit, residence permit, naturalization (as of January 2019, all foreign nationals must prove proficiency in the language spoken in the desired place of residence when applying for a permit or residence permit).

TELC German B2 exam

We offer preparation courses for the German TELC B2 certificate. This certificate, which is recognized by companies, universities, and colleges in Switzerland, is an indispensable prerequisite for admission to Swiss higher education institutions. The TELC Deutsch B2 certificate attests a good command of the German language in a wide variety of communication situations in everyday life and the professional world. By reaching this level, you will be able to:

  • Understand the main ideas of a complex text on concrete and abstract topics.
  • Interact with a high degree of fluency in German in formal and informal situations.
  • Give a clear, detailed opinion on current events and a wide range of topics.
Key benefits
Develop the specific skills needed to pass your test.
Master test-taking techniques to get the best possible score.
Become familiar
Familiarize yourself with the actual test-taking conditions.
Build your confidence to pass your certification with confidence.

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