German executive coaching

Our flagship learning solution is an exclusive and totally customized training program for executives and managers with demanding language needs and a busy schedule who need to achieve their goals as quickly as possible.
The skills you need
1-on-1 lessons tailored to your goals, level and interests.
Certified coaches
Top-rated native coaches from our team of language experts.
Guaranteed results
Achieve your goals with your dedicated language coach.
Anywhere, anytime
Take online lessons at the perfect time and location.
300+ hours of online material
Get access to over 300 hours of online learning material.
Businessman taking a private language course in German
German language coach at a business center before a German private language course
German language coach at a business center before a German private language course
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German for executives and managers
Develop the specific language skills you need for your daily work and master the vocabulary specific to your industry.
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To have a real impact in your communication
Be sure that your messages in German have the same impact as they would in your native language.
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Built around your daily work
Work directly on your daily business materials, including emails, reports and presentations.
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Fully flexible schedule and location
You choose your schedule flexibly and our language coach will meet you on site or online to provide you with a tailor-made course.

German courses for executives and managers

This German course is ideal for holders of top management positions who need a custom-made, flexible language training program that focuses on specific areas of their work. This training program will help them build the trust needed with German-speaking clients and business partners, empowering them to influence decisions and achieve high-impact results in every conversation.

If you're preparing for an important meeting or presentation in German, or if you're looking to improve specific skills such as meeting and negotiation leadership, or other social business skills, this is the course for you! Our qualified and experienced native German teachers will assist you in achieving your full potential in German.

Learn German quickly and easily with your personalized portfolio!

We teach German in a unique way, which is reflected in our flagship product, the "Business German Portfolio". This product is based on a thorough examination of your industry, company, and specific German language requirements. It is personalized and completely unique. This one-of-a-kind and exclusive teaching tool includes videos, podcasts, and articles about your company, its products, and its environment. It includes:

  • A personalized lexicon
  • A press review
  • A collection of videos
The "Business German Portfolio" is directly related to your work and grounds your language training in the realities of your organization. It contextualizes and deepens your German learning, allowing you to learn German faster and with more pleasure.

Key benefits
Give powerful presentations to a German-speaking audience.
Conduct effective business negotiations in German.
Write convincing reports and e-mails.
Fully express your leadership in a cross-cultural context.

Any questions regarding a German course?

Our team will be happy to help you. Contact us today and start planning your German course! It's quick and easy.

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